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'Bags and Tings' by Annie Caswell:

Prints, Checkbooks Covers and Tote Bags



Answers To Your Mule Questions


Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule


The Hard to Catch Mule


Opening Doors: An equilog of poetry about Donkeys by Jenny L Bates


Children's Books:

Janie's New Legs


Horse Tails by Mookie the Mustang

So You Wanna be a Cowgirl



Diatomaceous Earth Book: "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth -


Diatomaceous Earth Book: "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth -

Pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from:

Food Grade DE, Diatomaceous Earth, CODEX, Fossil Shell Flour


Shadow Ridge Food Grade DE


 Handmade Miniature Donkey & Donkey Fly Masks

Also Custom Fly Protection Leggings


Donkey Wall Hanging

ORIGINAL ART starting with the initial sculpture with meticulous attention to detail from making the mold to pouring the clay....

Donkey & Mule DVD's

-Donkey Training

-Starting Over With Rachel the Troubled Mule

Mule Training DVD 


Donkey Ornaments

 & Figurines

Donkey Angel


Donkey & Miniature Donkey Puzzles


Donkey Signs

Drive Slow young donkeys old donkeys and one old jackass at play


Donkey & Horse Signs Aluminum

Entering Donkey Country


Donkey Mini Halters

Made by the Amish of Ohio Basic Nylon Halters

also Lead RopesHope new Green Halter and Lead


Miniature Donkey Rope Halters

The Original Mini Donk™ & Mini Hoss™ Rope Halters


Milo at 4 weeks wearing an X small rope halter.


Hoof Wraps Bandage

Hoof Wraps is made of 1680 ballistic nylon with a triple layer at the toe for durability.The Quick Fix Hoof Wraps



Horse Metal Xing Signs  

Street Sign Horse Breed Place



Lead Ropes: Made by the Amish of Ohio


Seat Cushions specially designed with a recessed area to take the pressure off the tailbone



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Donkey & Mule Custom Designed T-shirts, Gifts and much more.

What's next, dressage? Donkey Mug mug


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Miniature Donkey Keychain


 Miniature Donkey Key chain


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Opening Doors: An equilog of poetry about Donkeys

by Jenny L. Bates

"If you ever had a relationship with a donkey you will be pulled into these poems and see into their souls as well as expose yours to the love you have for them. You will laugh and cry, remember the good times and why you fell in love with them in the first place." Cheryl

A portion of the proceeds of this book go to the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, UK

Paperback, 80 pages $10.00 I bought Jenny's Books so she could send the money to The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, UK. The price is just to cover my expenses.

Opening Doors, An equilog of poetry about Donkeys.

Excerpt from Opening Doors:

Ear Speak (or) Lost Road Found, to Listening

What language lost through many years

Of never hearing a Donkey’s ears?

Watching them close they brush the air

And paint a bounteous picture there.

They wiggle and wobble

Salute and lay flat,

As their ear speak continues

Towards the hay and the grass.

We should be listening

Ever to the language of ears

Transporting ourselves through Donkey’s years.

(continued page 58)

About the Author:

Like the Illustrated Man, I try to bring all the stories that are inside me to life. My poetry is a reflection of who I am and what I am doing here. Through my poetry I would like people to come close and see the story unfold. Donkeys are truly my soul's truth and I enjoy all reactions to my work experiencing a moment perhaps forgotten or never yet known about Donkeys. I work at a local library in King, NC and my life was completely changed by one book: "The Wisdom of Donkeys" by Andy Merrifield. Because of Mr. Merrifield's book, I now am a close supporter and writer/ contributor to The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, UK. I am most humbly grateful for all the fairy tales and philosophies from many cultures and inspiration that comes from the secrets of being. Most of all, to the transcendent and honest Donkeys throughout the world. The best compliment I've ever received is a reader telling me "You have a Donkey heart". Thank you.

 Two of Jenny's very close friends, Jasmine and Sunshine

Jasmine and Sunshine-Jenny L Bate's donkeys

Available as a mouse pad and more on Zazzle:

It has the Poem "The Bridge That Donkeys Cross" on it.

Proceeds to The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon UK





Opening Doors is also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and



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