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Here is a List of Available Signs:

Caution: Area Patrolled by Attack Donkey

Caution: Area Patrolled by Attack Mule


Donkey Xing 1

Donkey Xing 2

Drive Slow - Young Donkeys, Old Donkeys, One Old Jack Ass at Play

Mule Xing

Mule Xing 2

My Barn, My Rules

Horses Welcome Mules Preferred

Horse Parking Only

If You Found the Gate Open Leave It Open...

Jackass Xing

Tack Room

Miniature Horse Xing

Feed Room

Stable Area

Please No Smoking in Barn Area

Keep Gate Closed

NC Statute Sign

Golf Cart Xing

Mosquito Xing

Chicken Xing

Goat Xing

Miniature Horse Stickers

Pets Welcome

More below:

Aluminum Donkey Crossing Signs

Aluminum Horse  Breed Signs-over 150 breeds to choose from



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Annie Caswell Donkey Prints, Tote Bags and Checkbook Covers

Annie Caswell Donkey Prints, Tote Bags and Checkbook Covers


Donkey Light Switch Cover or Wall Hanging

Donkey Light switch cover


Miss Liberty sports a rope halter, 23 days old.


Donkey & Mule T-Shirts:

Designs moved to Zazzle by the Aritist.


In association with

 Elijah, a Mammoth Jack, at his ranch in North Carolina.






Donkey Signs

Signs are made of weatherproof, rust proof, fade resistant 040 gauge aluminum with enameled surface. Images and letters are all weather 3 mil vinyl.  

Diamond Shape (like XING signs)17" diagonal measure, 12"x12" sides, 2 holes.
Tall Rectangle (like parking signs) 12"x18", 2 holes.
Long Rectangle (like street signs) 5"x20"

Mule and Horse Signs are on the Aluminum "Horse Breeds" Page  

See the  Main Sign Menu for a variety of plastic signs


Item Name:  Donkey Crossing
Item Image Number:   5461 Item# 10488
Price: $21.00



Item Name:  Donkey Crossing
Item Image Number:  5244  Item# 10652
Price: $21.00



Item Name: Donkey Crossing
Item Image Number: 5243  Item #10660
Price: $21.00


Item Name:  Donkey Crossing
Item Image Number:  3070  Item #10447
Price: $21.00

 Miniature Donkey Xing

Item Name: Miniature  Donkey Crossing 
Item Image Number:  005461

Item #10181
Price: $21.00



(as opposed to horse whisperer)

Item Name: Mule Mumbler
Item Image Number: 005413  Item #10678
Price: $21.00


Select the sign design and donkey image from the drop down boxes below. 


Donkey image choices:







Item Name: Donkeys at Play


Item Number: 99817 

Price: $21.00

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New Sign --No Image Yet

SLOW YOUR (Choose Image) DOWN

Item Number 10141  Price $21.00


Item Name: Keep Gate Closed

Item Number: 99917

Price: $21.00


Item Name: Entering Donkey Country 

Item Number: 99973

Price: $21.00


Item Name: Donkey Zone

Item Number: 99804

Price: $21.00


Item Name: Guard Donkey on Duty

Item Number: 99938

Price: $21.00


Item Name:

 Donkey Country Watch Your Step

Item # 00WYS

Price: $22.00


Item Name:  Close Gate

Item Number:  99975          

 Price:  $22.00



  Thank you for shopping with Shadow Ridge.

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