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Miniature Donkey Tack X small rope halter on miniature donkey Milo

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The Original


 Rope Halters $14.83 each

X small rope halter on miniature donkey Milo

Please allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for the halter to ship.

Perfect for devotees of Natural Horsemanship training.  Flat web halters are designed to hold when pressure is applied. 

The MINI-DONK and MINI-HOSS halter is designed to use the natural pressure points on the animal's head to teach yielding to pressure. 

Hand tied with professional overhand and fiador knots and made with braided poly marine rope that is resistant to sweat and the elements.

I prefer using a smaller diameter rope as compared to the traditional 1/4" as it creates a smaller, less bulky halter.  It also conforms better to the head and works better on the pressure points. 

Sizing notes:

MED is a 17" nose with minimum of 23"+ crown.

LARGE is 19" nose with  minimum of 24" + crown.

For a more accurate fit. you may send the measurements of the nose (where the halter sits) and around to poll (under chin and around ears). If the head is longer or shorter than normal a cheek measurement would be helpful too.

Click image to enlarge:


Please Note:

These halters are not the 1/4" used for big horses.

They are 3/16" and the rope was selected smaller to fit the smaller heads and to increase the pressure for use in training.

The 1/4" rope provides 1/2" when doubled (nose/poll) and that makes it too uncomfortable on such a small head which encourages pulling back.

The smaller rope provides more pressure at the selected points which encourages yielding to that pressure.

The MINI-DONK and MINI-HOSShalter is the perfect halter for teaching foals to lead, manners to stallions, as well as, lightness and response in preparation for harness driving.  Makes a great sales halter too! Assorted colors.

The rope is a diamond braid poly solid core intended for marine use and thus resists rot and mildew which is great for sweaty horses and donks. It is not cotton or nylon.

Rope halters are designed as a training tool only and should never be left on an unattended animal.

Available Colors:

Diameter: 3/16"  (4.8 mm)

Red/pink flecks

Green/yellow flecks-no longer available



Diameter:  5/32"  (4 mm)


Lime Green

Solid Blue

Bright Yellow

Solid Pink-not pictured


New color purple pictured below-Purple with Flecks


Pink/red flecks-

out of stock


Purple with white flecks



Finally there is a halter that takes into account the unique shape and size of the miniature donkey and miniature horse. 

Miss Liberty sports a rope halter, 23 days old.

This small size black halter is a bit big for Miss Liberty at 23 days old. I got a small so she can grow into it for the real training.  As you see, however, it could work for her enough to get the basics started.  I don't do much with a halter while a foal is still nursing.  I try to use touch to get the feel started and then the halter puts on a finishing touch.  It's like a bit.  A horse should know everything in a basic form without a bit and the bit put the subtle finesse to the moves.

Milo at 4 weeks wearing an X small rope halter.

Mystery Gift included in orders of six or more

Mini Donk or Mini Hoss™ Rope Halters

You may select a second color choice in the event your first choice color is temporarily unavailable.

Special Instructions or contact information:


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Sammy Dav-ass wearing white rope halter


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