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Donkey & Mule Training



Donkey Training

 with Crystal Ward

2 hours DVD


erry Tindell: Starting Over With Rachel the Troubled Mule

Mule Training:

Starting Over With Rachel the Troubled Mule with  Jerry Tindell

3 hours DVD



Also available:

Items below are drop shipped from the manufacturer


Bishop Mule Days#1

Longears Everywhere


Bishop Mule Days #2

35th Anniversary Edition


Bishop Mule Days #3 Parade & Show Highlights


Bishop Mule Days #4  Love Those Longears


Bishop Mule Days #5:

Double Barreled Fun!


2006 Tournament of Roses Parade Hooves & Roses


Mules on Snowshoes

 Bill Balfrey


Small Farmers' Journal Horse-Drawn Auction & Swap Meet


More Videos/DVD's to come.



 Answers To Your Mule Questions -A Common Sense Guide To Understanding The Mule's Point Of ViewAnswers to your mule Questions

By: Cindy K. (McKinnon) Roberts

2007 186 pages Paperback
Item #10991 Answers To Your Mule Questions $21.50 plus shipping.


Young Mule Behavior

Handling and Ground Manners

Introducing New Herd Members

Tacking Up and Saddling

Vaccinations and Vet Phobia

How To Determine If You Have Correct Saddle Fit

Proper Bit Control


Hard To Catch Mules

Trailering Your Mule

Kicking Mules

    Plus The Mule Psychology 101 Series Articles:

    The Rules - the safe approach to training your mule.  

    Rules For The Mule Baby - guidelines for raising your mule.

    Teaching The Mule - effectively training your mule.

    The Kicking Mule -  dealing with this nervous habit the safe way. 

    Motivation & Learning - what makes your mule tick?

    Hormones & Survival - understanding mother nature.

    The Learning Patterns Of The Mule - learn how his mind works.

    Rating The Mule's Intelligence - how smart is your mule?

    Mules Are Better - what to say to your “horsey” friends.

    Mule Truths - does a mule wait 10 years to get back at you?

    Mule Feet - the four wheel drive of the mule.

    Survival Behavior & The Mule - how to train the very skittish.

Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule

Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule

by Cindy K. Roberts

2011 252 pages 7 X 10

Item #10993 $25.50 plus shipping.

Mule training techniques for the mule handler, rider and trainer that work with Saddle Mules.

Proven Techniques for the Trail Riding Mule.

Retraining Apprehensive and Insecure Mules.

Becoming the Confident Mule Rider

Includes Selecting the Right Tack & More. --


Is your mule insecure riding alone?

Afraid to ride in a group? Does your mule buck? Does your mule run away?  Use evasion tactics?  Does your mule rear up?  Pull on the bridle? Get above the bit?  Does your mule shy?

Spook on the trail?  Afraid of his own shadow?  Does your mule refuse to load into the trailer?

The Hard To Catch Mule

A Logical Approach On How To Connect With Your Mule.

The Hard to Catch Muleby Cindy K (McKinnon) Roberts
A training program developed by Cindy K. Roberts that can turn around evasive, hard to catch mules in 30 days or less.

2009 Paperback 70 pages 5.5" x 8.5"

Item #10992 The Hard to Catch Mule $14.50


Being Analyzed By A Mule
How The Mule Thinks About This Catching Business
Earning Your Mule's Trust
Getting Your Mule To Focus
Gentling Your Mule
Teaching Your Mule To Come To You
How The Treat Reward System Works
The Halter
Teaching Your Mule To Lead
Retraining Older Mules To Lead
Correct Use of The Lead Chain
Time to Turn Him Out Into The Big Pasture
Listen To Your Mule



    Cindy K. (McKinnon) Roberts raised and trained saddle mules for over 20 years  Her  promotional efforts as  well as demonstrating public awareness  about the intelligence of the mule,  has enabled her to write a series of training articles that appeared in several equine magazines at a National level.

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Shadow Ridge

Donkey, Mule & Horse Products


'Bags and Tings' by Annie Caswell:

Prints, Checkbooks Covers and Tote Bags



Answers To Your Mule Questions


Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule


The Hard to Catch Mule


Opening Doors: An equilog of poetry about Donkeys by Jenny L Bates


Children's Books:

Janie's New Legs


Horse Tails by Mookie the Mustang

So You Wanna be a Cowgirl



Diatomaceous Earth Book: "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth -


Diatomaceous Earth Book: "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth -

Pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from:

Food Grade DE, Diatomaceous Earth, CODEX, Fossil Shell Flour


Shadow Ridge Food Grade DE


 Handmade Miniature Donkey & Donkey Fly Masks

Also Custom Fly Protection Leggings


Donkey Wall Hanging

ORIGINAL ART starting with the initial sculpture with meticulous attention to detail from making the mold to pouring the clay....

Donkey & Mule DVD's

-Donkey Training

-Starting Over With Rachel the Troubled Mule

Mule Training DVD 


Donkey Ornaments

 & Figurines

Donkey Angel


Donkey & Miniature Donkey Puzzles


Donkey Signs

Drive Slow young donkeys old donkeys and one old jackass at play


Donkey & Horse Signs Aluminum

Entering Donkey Country


Donkey Mini Halters

Made by the Amish of Ohio Basic Nylon Halters

also Lead RopesHope new Green Halter and Lead


Miniature Donkey Rope Halters

The Original Mini Donk™ & Mini Hoss™ Rope Halters


Milo at 4 weeks wearing an X small rope halter.


Hoof Wraps Bandage

Hoof Wraps is made of 1680 ballistic nylon with a triple layer at the toe for durability.The Quick Fix Hoof Wraps



Horse Metal Xing Signs  

Street Sign Horse Breed Place



Lead Ropes: Made by the Amish of Ohio


Seat Cushions specially designed with a recessed area to take the pressure off the tailbone



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Donkey/ Mule T-Shirts& Gifts

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Donkey & Mule Custom Designed T-shirts, Gifts and much more.

What's next, dressage? Donkey Mug mug


Horse T-Shirts and Gifts


Miniature Donkey Keychain


 Miniature Donkey Key chain


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