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'Bags and Tings' by Annie Caswell:

Prints, Checkbooks Covers and Tote Bags



Answers To Your Mule Questions


Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule


The Hard to Catch Mule


Opening Doors: An equilog of poetry about Donkeys by Jenny L Bates


Children's Books:

Janie's New Legs


Horse Tails by Mookie the Mustang

So You Wanna be a Cowgirl



Diatomaceous Earth Book: "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth -


Diatomaceous Earth Book: "Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth -

Pure Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from:

Food Grade DE, Diatomaceous Earth, CODEX, Fossil Shell Flour


Shadow Ridge Food Grade DE


 Handmade Miniature Donkey & Donkey Fly Masks

Also Custom Fly Protection Leggings


Donkey Wall Hanging

ORIGINAL ART starting with the initial sculpture with meticulous attention to detail from making the mold to pouring the clay....

Donkey & Mule DVD's

-Donkey Training

-Starting Over With Rachel the Troubled Mule

Mule Training DVD 


Donkey Ornaments

 & Figurines

Donkey Angel


Donkey & Miniature Donkey Puzzles


Donkey Signs

Drive Slow young donkeys old donkeys and one old jackass at play


Donkey & Horse Signs Aluminum

Entering Donkey Country


Donkey Mini Halters

Made by the Amish of Ohio Basic Nylon Halters

also Lead RopesHope new Green Halter and Lead


Miniature Donkey Rope Halters

The Original Mini Donk™ & Mini Hoss™ Rope Halters


Milo at 4 weeks wearing an X small rope halter.


Hoof Wraps Bandage

Hoof Wraps is made of 1680 ballistic nylon with a triple layer at the toe for durability.The Quick Fix Hoof Wraps



Horse Metal Xing Signs  

Street Sign Horse Breed Place



Lead Ropes: Made by the Amish of Ohio


Seat Cushions specially designed with a recessed area to take the pressure off the tailbone



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Donkey/ Mule T-Shirts& Gifts

Many more donkey and mule designs being offered by artist on Zazzle



Donkey & Mule Custom Designed T-shirts, Gifts and much more.

What's next, dressage? Donkey Mug mug


Horse T-Shirts and Gifts


Miniature Donkey Keychain


 Miniature Donkey Key chain


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The COMFTABLEComftable-Blue is an air cushion seat specially designed with a recessed area to take the pressure off the tailbone and help eliminate back pain to provide hours of soft comfortable seating. With the center being recessed your weight is distributed evenly around the edges and the back of your legs, while still giving you the support you need in the center. The air is distributed from side to side and front to back as you move, eliminating any pressure points on your legs and butt. You can adjust the comfort to your own liking by simply inflating or deflating the seat a bit. The COMFTABLE has an oversized air valve, which makes inflation and deflation a breeze. Relieve the pressure off the tailbone.

Besides Vinyl we, also, now carry the seat cushion that has an

outer layer of nylon with little nubs to help prevent from sticking. Black only.

Price: 12.50 Vinyl    $15.50 Vinyl/Nylon (Black only)

Choose Red, Black or Blue in Vinyl  or Black/Nylon

         Item #00101R Comftable air cushion seat/table-RED
       Item #00102B Comftable air cushion seat/table-BLUE
   Item #00104BKN  Comftable air cushion seat/table-Black Nylon

Review Cart        Checkout

How many hours a day do you spend sitting in a chair, at home or at work? Now you can take the pressure off your tailbone and back and sit pain free for hours. “Don’t just sit, sit COMFTABLE!”

Sit on it as a seat cushion for hours of comfort, or use it as a lap table for convenience.
Use as a Laptop table.The COMFTABLE is also designed to be used as a lap table, with the recessed areas providing a place to hold your plate and drink to prevent spilling.

The COMFTABLE is the perfect seat for traveling.


Driving in your Car, Truck or RV  


The COMFTABLE is the perfect seat for traveling. Relieve the pressure on your tailbone and back for those long trips or your every day drive.

For Work or at Home:Comfortable for your office chair.  

Use Comtable in the kitchen or dining room chairs.


The COMFTABLE is perfect anywhere you go:
Keep your drink handy in the built in drink holder.
Professional – College & Youth Sports 
For Tailgating or Snacking

  Make the event more enjoyable-Use on bleacher seats

 No more sitting on those cold, hard seats or bleachers!

The COMFTABLE also has a built in drink holder, so you can sit in comfort and keep you drink close at hand.



No more cold, hard stadium seats or bleachers. Pictured- Red
A weekend at the Races

Boating – Canoeing – Kayaking  Canoeing wit Comftable






Take the pressure off your back and keep your drink close at hand while boating or kayaking.

 Use Comftable on your next  boating outing.

Use it as a lap table while enjoying your lunch along the way.

Camping – Backpacking –RVing

Use Comftable sitting around the campfire.
  Use the COMFTABLE for camping and RVing.


Use the COMFTABLE for camping and RVing. Enjoy lasting comfort while sitting in any type of chair, or enjoy your favorite meal inside the camper or sitting around the campfire.

Take the COMFTABLE with you anywhere you go. It comes in it’s own carrying case with a carabiner clip to hook on to your belt loop or backpack. Take the COMFTABLE with you anywhere you go

Only 7x9 inches when folded. Just inflate it when you get there. With the oversized air valve, it takes only 3 to 4 breaths to inflate and you can adjust it for your own comfort. It has a built-in optional drink holder to hold your favorite beverage. With its patented design you can sit in comfort for hours at a time. The COMFTABLE is made of heavy-duty 14-gauge vinyl for long lasting durability.

Measures 16 1/2" x 15 1/2" x 2 1/2' Inflated. Rated for 500 lbs

How much easier and more convenient could it be? Get one for yourself and one for a friend or relative you care about; one for the car and one for the home or office. The perfect Christmas present for loved ones.

Note: I love this product so much that I decided to offer it on Shadow Ridge. I had no complaints about my back and tail bone hurting on a 12 hour car trip. Normally, I wouldn't be able to get down the street without the pain starting up. The inventor's husband actually uses it while riding his horse-just let out most of the air. Cheryl

Delivery Time: Allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason within the first 30 days, you may return the product in it's original packaging for a full refund minus the shipping & handling cost.  Send a copy of your original receipt along with the product and your name, address, and phone number.


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